Skyline Centerpieces

I created skyline-themed centerpieces for Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras’ 2018 West Side Story-themed gala. Echoing imagery used in the event invitation, I designed a geometric skyline illustration that was printed and die-cut in styrene. The centerpieces were  assembled and lit from the inside for the event. The blue interior created a contrast to the red and black color-scheme of the rest of the event decor.


Art Nouveau Poster Design

For Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras’ fall 2017 performance, I focused the poster design on composer Lili Boulanger. The art nouveau-style imagery echoed styles popular during her brief career in the early 20th century.



Poster on display on south Michigan Avenue


Web graphic

“Infinite Tree” Concert Branding

Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras spring 2017 concert featured a world premiere and featured performance from Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche. I created imagery for the event poster that spoke to the themes of Kotche’s piece, “Infinite Tree.” The branding was also translated into web graphics and packaging for the concert DVD.



Impact Report

The Impact Report was created to distribute to Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras donors to update them on programming so far that season. The report needed to be a succinct front and back page while also conveying the exciting and diverse work the organization was engaged in.

Beer-Themed Event Posters

For a Beer Benefit event, I created posters advertising a raffle and “Message in a Bottle” game. These expanded on the existing event logo to include original illustrations and create a fun, inviting atmosphere that enticed guests to participate in games.

West Side Story Gala Branding

For Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras’ West Side Story-themed Gala, I borrowed from the musical’s classic imagery and color scheme (you can’t improve on Saul Bass!). With the addition of a skyline image, I used these graphics for diverse applications including printed collateral, wrapping paper, step and repeat backdrop, and event centerpieces.

The Save the Date postcard spoke to the event’s theme using just the nod to the musical’s classic imagery.
Wrapping paper created using the familiar fire escape silhouette and dancing figures
The step and repeat included sponsor logos along with the skyline image to make the backdrop special for the occasion
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