Juneteenth Fundraising Event

I worked with Chicago Musical Pathways Initiative to art direct their first-ever Juneteenth Celebration fundraiser. The organization, which supports music training for talented young students of color, needed a look that spoke to the energy of the organization’s fellows, while also conveying to potential donors that this new program was trustworthy and worth supporting. I was honored to be able to create a logo and branding elements for the event, in addition to social media graphics and slides to run as part of the event video stream.

I created the event branding to play off of existing geometric branding elements to give a celebratory feel.


CMPI needed a sponsorship packet to educate potential donors about their program and convey their impact. We also created images for partner organizations to share on social media to promote the fundraiser.


Building on this content, I created slides to run in between performance videos during the event presentation itself. The slides were meant to inspire giving and add context to the performances that viewers were seeing.